Women's Empowerment Jewelry!

A celebration of inclusivity and aligned to the 7 energy centers (chakras)! "I believe that we all need to live heart centered and lead lives filled with love and compassion for both ourselves and towards one another.

The main energy centers of our bodies (chakras) are the seven main colors represented by the swarovski crystals on the DS Logo! For me I felt it was important to keep the two green crystals of the original design on the piece. When I think about my life I think about body, mind and spirit! The Trinity! All boiling down to love!! So, I ❀️ beginning and ending, as well as keeping in the middle of the design, the green crystals to keep us focused on the πŸ’š!

As always The logo has been stamped on a dog tag to remind you that you are a WARRIOR! No matter what we RISE! As you wear the piece be EMPOWERED to live a heart centered authentic life filled with love, joy, kindness and compassion! Know that there is a tribe of sisters walking this journey with you!" ~ Vici Armsby - Creator of Divine Sisterhood, NY Women's Empowerment Center & Designer of DS Jewelry line! ~

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Divine Sisterhood Women's Empowerment Jewelry designs are the sole ownership of Divine Sisterhood, NY LLC and made EXCLUSIVELY for us by Jennifer Pietrow of Pietrow Designs!

All You Need Is Love Angels!

Each Eco-friendly angel is intuitviely created!  Vici calls upon the angelic realm to use her as a conduit to create unique angels for the recipient.  Angels and Divine Messangers deliver messages to Vici which are shared then with the client.  Vici infuses each angel with Reiki and as an Angel Therapist with Angelic Connection.  Angels are then placed in Sacred Geometry until they are delivered.  

To order your unique angel and receive messages from the angelic realm contact Vici at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Fire Cider

A wellness tonic made with beautiful warming root vegetables, herbs and fruit in an organic apple cider base.  Vici, owner of Divine Sisterhood, NY makes this tonic with love and infuses Reiki energy into it along with placing it in Sacred Geometry while it processes for 6+ weeks.  This firey tonic can be diluted in water or you can add organic honey to lessen the punch!  Take 1-2 Tbs. each day for maximum benefit.  Available in 16 oz and 32 oz sizes.

To order yours contact Vici at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.