Friday, March 27th

Have you ever known something or had a gut feeling that turned out to be right? Or had a déjà vu experience? Or just felt like you were not alone, when clearly you were? The dream that just won’t leave you the next day and even years later that seemed so real featuring a loved one that had passed over.

Join us at Divine Sisterhood Women's Empowerment Center with the Capital Region's renowned psychic medium, Katie Manning. Katie believes everyone is psychic and has unique gifts that come from God or a Divine wisdom.

At this event you will learn techniques that can assist you in developing your own psychic ability and confidence to listen to your inner voice for guidance. The class will focus on developing psychic awareness and understanding the phenomena related to spirituality and the innate nature of psychic awareness.

SPACE IS LIMITED - so secure your spot QUICKLY to learn from Katie in this intimate setting.