Tuesday, October 22nd
6:30 - 8:30 PM$10

So often women talk about coming from a place of lack around money matters! Uncertainly, anxiety and fear can stop us from GOING FOR OUR DREAMS! ​

As stated on her website, Gretchen Meyer (President of Gretchen Meyer Financial) knows what it is like to be caught off guard from unexpected life events resulting in financial devastation.

She made a vow 15 years ago – that she would never again rely on someone else to provide her with financial confidence and it has become her mission to help other women do the same.

Join us and learn how to use investing to help you reach your financial goals. We'll debunk myths about women and investing and discuss strategies to help you invest with confidence. Discover how your money can and should work for you. Learn why it's important to have a good financial advisor on your side. And understand how to protect yourself while you invest in your future.

Gretchen is amazing, down to earth and is here to inspire and empower us around what many of us struggle with and have fear around - MONEY!

Money Matters