Sunday, October 9th

Please join us in Sedona 2022 for THREE days of ceremony with myself (Vici & my Soul Sister Judy Squires Gleason - owner of Hippies Witches and Gypsies)

We invite you to step into YOUR power & invest in YOU-there is work to be done!!.

What will happen ?

*We will be together for an evening full moon ceremony on Sunday October 9th

*We will come together in ceremony at the medicine wheel- Monday October 10th

*We will visit Angel Valley ( nominal cost to you at the location) - Tuesday October 11th

*One bonus gathering to be shared to those confirmed & the date approaches.

*A little surprise gift from both myself & Judy for each participant. Intuitively chosen.

In addition to our $750.00 fee - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR :

ALL travel expenses & planning this means, flights, luggage , insurances, & the like.

You are responsible for all accommodations & everything that that entails. Costs, choosing & confirming.

You are responsible for a vehicle/or shuttle from Phoenix airport to Sedona (Approx 2 hour drive north) think carpooling with a friend.

You are responsible for getting to & from the ceremony sites.

You are responsible for all meals and spending money.

You are responsible for your medical needs.


*Make this your spiritual vacation

*Travel with a friend -share expenses

*Arriving into Sedona should be at least ONE full day for you before we meet

*Open to goddesses 21+ years.

ONCE Confirmed by paying our fee:

*You will receive an email with notes on Sedona, links, car rental places, three accommodations sites -suggestions based on different budgets .

This will be Judy's fifth visit to Sedona & when October rolls around , my third visit.

*Places to get groceries & healthy food.

*Suggestions on what to bring

*A link to the sites that we have planned to visit.

*PLEASE note that anything can change, due to weather & the like, please stay flexible with the outline that we will be giving you .

*Those confirmed with deposit will receive the finer details via email as the date gets closer & we confirm ceremony.

*If you have questions, please connect with myself & or Judy - we are happy to assist!


Please purchase wisely as once payment has been made there are no refunds or credits.

Thank-you for visiting today - we look forward to sharing this healing journey with you !

You are an amazing being of light!!


Sacred Sisterhood in Sedona