Thursday, October 21st

Here we go again- it is all building - thank-you to all that have Tapped-in with us thus far - so many GREAT messages & connections.

In October Judy & I head back to the Ocean- where we will be offering this TAP-IN from the shore in the FULL moon energies - (Full moon 10/20) So we will be right in the thick of it !!

We hope that you can "Join -in" .

What does this mean ? For those of you that have been following our Cape journey end of June & into July 2021 & our grid building -it continues!!!

The results of our FIRST TAP-IN was AMAZINGLY powerful - with messages for EVERYone that TAPPED -IN -Whew!!

Our first Tap-in was 7/22 , Our second happening 8/11 and third 9/8.

In this grid building we will be holding sacred space to allow messages of all forms to arrive for you (& for us)

We have been shown over & again that when many energies come together for our highest good- the results can be very profound.

How will this work ?

First -You will secure your Tapping in" -with payment. You must provide a valid email address upon check out.

Judy & I will be grid building- You will be 'Tapping in" from wherever you are - if that feels right for you - from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Prior to our TAP-IN - you will receive an email on "how to prepare" -if that is what you feel called to do. Make it your time if you wish.

Then- within 72 hours -of the close of this particular grid - both Judy and I will be emailing any messages that came through to & for you .

PLEASE KNOW-that Judy & Vici will be building the grid for all that are tapping in- what messages -guidance etc that come through is out of our control per se & is the hands of spirit. We want you to know that IF we receive messages or directions for you after the 72 hours has passed we will be happy to send you a quick note via email.

We will cap the amount of people when we feel spirit guides us.

ALSO-BOTH Vici and Judy have been guided & are in sync with one another that both will be offering "Tangible" items for purchase from this TAP-IN - Stay tapped-in to see what they will be offering. I (Vici) will be putting together a package that will include the above 10/21 TAP-IN & more- so for this particular one- you will have a choice of TWO options. Stay tuned.

Please purchase wisely as once payment is made there are no refunds or credits given. Your payment holds your time : Tapping In" .

Judy is Certified Self-Empowering Facilitator & Teacher.

Vici is the owner of Divine Sisterhood-empowerment center

Vici is the creator of " The Intuitively Created -Eco Friendly Angels.

Both Judy & Vici are Certified in Angel Healing Therapy

Judy is Usui Reiki Master -Teacher

Vici is Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

Both Judy & Vici talk to angels- daily.

We look forward to receiving messages for you .

Tap in at the Ocean