Donate to Compassionate Acts of Service Initiative

What actually IS a "Divine Sister" you ask... well-Empowered Women Empower Others!

With that in mind, the Empowerment Center is passionate about passing it forward! We are compassionate, inclusive and accepting regardless of race, religious/spiritual affiliation, or sexual orientation. We welcome ALL!

So what exactly does that mean? Women have historically created SACRED CIRCLES supporting each other. A Sacred Circle forms when a group of women come together to share their story and speak authentically from the heart. THEN, they take ACTION!

We will begin gathering for what I call the "COMPASSIONATE Acts of Support/Service" Initiative. Let's face it we all have had times in our lives when we need our Sister's to lean on and lift laugh with, cry with, or just simply to hold space for others who may be marginalized or going through difficult times.

I am working closely with a few groups to formalize what this will look like but to give you an idea of what I have in mind:

Acts of Service:
scarf origmaking meals for the homeless, baby showers for single moms, creating personal hygiene bags for homeless women or comfort bags for victims of domestic violence.

Compassionate Crafts:
kindnessrocks origKindness Rocks painted and scattered throughout the Tri-City area and well beyond.

Knit or Crocheted scarves and mittens that will be donated to homeless centers, domestic violence shelters, YWCA, or simply tied to a tree with a note of love and encouragement. As well as handmade "Furry Friend Blankets" donated to shelters

mama bear origI am in communication with this organization and we will soon be launching Divine Sisterhood Mama Bears, supporting the LGBTQ Community. When asked or invited by the organizations I am working with we will show up when needed for hugs, to cheer on individuals or groups at events where no family is present, provide holiday and birthday baskets, or simply be listening and supporting presence at events.

Support (NOT Therapy) is also provided for Moms with children or loved ones who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. We are a SAFE SPACE!

Contact me if you are interested in being a DIVINE SISTER or make a donation and support our efforts by using the DONATE Button to the right or purchase items from our Amazon wishlist to help support the Initiative