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Our spiritual life requires time for reflection and prayer, but sometimes we limit our understanding of prayer to what we say or do in a church or place of worship.  In an effort to remain centered and be at peace, it is important to maintain a relationship with the Divine.

Our Center welcomes people of all faiths who are ​open to connecting to their Divine Higher Power. We are committed to assisting women in developing or deepening their connection to Source while journeying alongside them on their spiritual path.

"Throughout 30+ years of working in the corporate world, fitness & weight loss industry and spiritual sector, I‘ve met thousands of women who at first glance seem to have it all together. However, as time goes by an alarmingly high percentage of those same women admit to feeling out of balance and that, in their words, 'something is missing' from their life.’ These are women of all ages, races, faiths and with varied educational backgrounds. They consist of successful businesswomen, stay-at-home moms, singles, empty nesters, same-sex partners, grandparents… the list goes on. More often than not that "missing piece" is a personal connection or relationship with Source, God, Divine Love or whatever word you use for a Higher Power."

- Vici Armsby, Founder and Executive Director