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The Divine Sisterhood Women’s Empowerment Center was created to help assist women in becoming the best version of themselves, body, mind, and spirit.

We are a compassionate and inclusive organization and welcome all, regardless of race, religious/spiritual affiliation or sexual orientation.

While most events focus primarily on women or those who identify as female or gender neutral, there are opportunities for men to be involved and participate as well.

As a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Guide and Certified Angel Healing Therapist Vici spends much of her time connecting to the Angelic Realm and creating beautiful eco-friendly messenger angels delivering love, compassion, healing and hope to the recipients.  Vici is also certifed in Advanced Angel Card Mastery through Kyle Gray UK

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Customized Programs Offered

  • Sister to Sister Coaching - Your own personal spiritual guide/coach/cheerleader 60 minute sessions
  • Retreats/Workshops - Small or large group experiences
  • Messenger Angels - Vici channels the Angelic Realm and creates eco-friendly angels 
  • Sacred Space Angelic Readings - Vici will connect with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, and loved ones and deliver messages to clients
  • Full Moon Events - Participants gather to release what no longer serves, set intentions and often celebrate with a bonfire
  • Sacred Sisterhood Destination Retreats - Travel with Vici and friends to destinations that will inspire, empower and renew your spirit.


Workshops – Group classes focused on specific topics for balanced living including overall wellness, spirituality, financial management, essential oils and more.

Retreats – Relax, recharge and reconnect with yourself and like-minded sisters in a more immersive retreat experience. A cornerstone of all Divine Sisterhood Retreats are opportunities to move your body, creating experiences where EVERYONE attending feels included, active and EMPOWERED! 

Sister-to-Sister Coaching - While retreat and small workshop gatherings are uplifting and inspiring, one-on-one, SISTER-to-SISTER Coaching enables us to dig deep and personalize your journey to greater balance. (60 minute sessions. Student and Senior discounts available) 

Messenger Angels - Vici holds sacred space and connectes to the angelic realm where she is guided to create a unique angel for each client.  Materials are forged from in and around Vici's property.  Each angel comes with paperwork explaining the spiritual, metaphysical and magical properties of each item used. Specific messages are included from the angelic realm for the recipient.  Vici has been shown that when the angels have dried out they are to be gifted back to mother Earth in ceremony - which is also included in each package.  Custom Intuitive Angels - (Orders can be placed year round - allow 2-3 weeks for delivery based on the time of year ordered) include all of the above as well as messages from the angels that the recipient needs to hear.  Angels of Remembrance in memory of loved ones whom have passed, Guardian Angels for Children, Wedding Day Angels and Angels of Abundance and Protection for Businesses.

Small-Group Book Facilitation - Read, share and reflect together with lovingly curated book selections to foster a mindful, empowered life. (1 1/2 hours in length for 4-8 weeks) Contact us for more details.